Success Stories

"I had two big goals for 2019. One was the Brooklyn Half but the biggest goal was to complete the Chicago Marathon. In the months leading up to the Brooklyn Half, I was crushing all my runs and felt healthy and good. I started working with Alli and felt stronger too because I was doing weight lifting in a way different than I ever had. But one rainy day, I was going down the subway and probably texting or not paying attention and I slid down 4-5 stairs. I knew immediately that something was off. My back and hips were in pain and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to run. I took a few weeks off of running and then tried to go back to it, but then I noticed that my calf and hamstring were pulling. I was miserable to have to go back to physical therapy, but I continued to do the exercises and was definitely building up some strength. However, I knew something had to be off because I couldn’t even do pigeon’s pose without feeling my hamstring. I made a doctor’s appointment and got an MRI. Turns out, I had a calf strain and the classic IT Band Syndrome. With Alli’s plan in place, I was doing a lot of cross training to prepare me for Chicago. I was spinning, doing the elliptical, HIIT workouts, and weight lifting. By the end of June, I started running again. My runs sucked. I wasn’t as fast as I was a year ago and I was struggling in the summer heat. But, I felt pretty good as far as my legs were concerned. I got up to 14 miles for my longest long run, but struggled every other weekend to hit my mileage. I felt my IT band flaring up over and over again, which meant I kept having to take days off. In the middle of August, Alli decided that I should keep my runs to 3-5 miles and continue with the cross-training I was doing. Since my goal was already out the window, I knew I just needed to finish this race, but I was nervous that I wasn’t doing enough because I wasn’t used to running so little in preparation for a marathon. Alli kept reassuring me that I would be fine because I had the endurance and that I could do it. Every other week I would feel a new pain in my knees or hips and get nervous that this meant it was it for me. Maybe I just wasn’t going to run Chicago or any other marathon again. I couldn’t let that be the case but I kept mulling over it in my mind. As it got closer to race day, everyone seemed confused as to whether I was going to do it or not. Most people talked me out of it and said that I should just go to Chicago and have fun and don’t do the race. I couldn’t let myself go there and not at least try though. Race weekend came around and I still was nervous. I don’t even think I thought I was going to really do it. I was kind of downplaying it to everyone and made it seem like I was fine if I didn’t finish. But, when it came down to it, I knew I needed to do it for myself. Allie and Phil told me that they came all the way to Chicago for me and that I had no other choice but to finish. It didn’t matter if I had to walk or I was going to be slow, I just needed to do it. They walked me to the start and I stood in line nervous. I felt like my knees were hurting and maybe my hips too. I hadn’t run in a week and that was only 3 miles. How was I going to do 26 miles? Then, the race started. I knew I wanted to walk/run, but I wanted to wait to walk til at least mile 2, so I held out and went super slow and easy. My feet started hurting somewhere near mile 12 but I didn’t want to let myself walk until I hit 13.1. If I could get halfway, I knew I could do this. I texted Alli that I was struggling and she met me at around mile 14. I kept wanting to take walk breaks but she told me to keep pushing and I could just run at a slower pace, which honestly is a fast walk for me on a normal day. Once I hit mile 17, I was ecstatic. That was further than I had gone in a year. Last year, I dropped out at mile 16. If I could get to mile 17, I could do this. I got through by looking at everyone around me. There were people of all ages, sizes, and abilities. If they could be out here doing this, so could I. I would not let myself quit and wait another year to try this. A lot of the race was a blur, but my stomach started hurting somewhere around this point, so I had to take lots of bathroom breaks, but that meant walking so YAY. Alli got me to somewhere around mile 23 I think and told me I could walk at 24. If I could get to 24, I could do 2 miles. 2 miles was nothing. I walked at 24 and then somewhere around 24.5, I realized I would see Phil and Allie soon, so I wanted to run past them so they could be proud of me. I started running and picking up the pace a lot. I knew I had it in me to run despite the pain in my feet, hips, and my stomach. Finally, I got to 25 and I saw them. I started crying and yelled “I’m doing it!!” I knew I was going to finish and after months in agony of wondering if I was capable of doing it again, I knew it was going to happen. Finally, I saw the 800 meter sign and I knew I could do half a mile, so I kept at it. Finally, there in the distance, I saw the finish sign and sprinted as fast as my legs and feet were going to let me to get through that finish line." 


-Carly S., Client Since 2018

"Alli is great.. she takes the time to know you as a person! Finds out about you as a persona. What are your goals, what do you want to accomplish.. she is readily available, whether it’s via text, email, Skype, or a phone call. She is always there. Alli Had my workout plan to me within one day of informing her I wanted her as my running coach/ trainer. She asked me to make changes as needed. There were no changes needed as she knew what to to because she listened to me! Thanks Alli for being the best coach out there!!!"

-Belinda T., Run Client Since 2019

"I was looking for a personal trainer who could help me achieve some personal running goals. I started running marathons at age 52 and found out quickly I was missing core strength and running skills.
At 55 I was introduced to Allie and she became my strength coach with long distance running as a focus. Only through a few sessions I learned that not only was she a great strength trainer, but she had great knowledge in preparing you as a long distance runner (this involved not only strength but technique, diet and how to prepare for the marathon psychologically). I worked with Allie two or three times a week and after five months I PR’d Chicago Half Marathon at 1.44 ,two months later I PR’d NY Marathon achieving my goal, breaking the 4 hour mark by five minutes. After working with Allie for 1 year she decided to follow her true passion and go out on her own and I had no chance in following her to the new location. Alli has an enthusiastic way to fill you with strength and motivation to reach your personal goals, and for that I am forever grateful. She takes your personal interest to heart and follows up with true personal attention (as a proof, she ran the NY Marathon side by side to be in order to achieve my mile stone, I challenge anyone to say they have had a personal trainer who ran a Marathon with you in order to achieve your goal). Even though Allie is no longer with the health studio I use, Allie continues to check in and we communicate often. Allie has made a tremendous impact on my love for running and given me skills to maintain and improve my techniques and work on my strengths so I can continue my joy for Marathons years to come. Thank you Allie for your personal motivation and care, I hope I find time in my schedule to work with you again."

-Per T., Client Since 2018